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Entrepreneur Incubator of Lublin University of Technology (EI of LUT) was founded in 2007 to create enterprising attitudes among academic society and then to prepare them to enter a job market. EI of LUT gives an opportunity to take advantage of the potential of scientific community in practice. It supports enterprise of students, doctoral students, graduates and young universities staff within LUT and other institutions.There is no mystery, than theoretical, received during studies knowledge does not prepare enough to pick up all gauntlets brought by real economic activities.

Therefore, Incubator focus its attention on activities which give an opportunity to implement youth ideas, to check their ability in action on real market, just before their service is ready to be sold off. It simply means that beneficiaries are able to start up business but are not obligated to establish an economic activity in a sense of law. Moreover they can profit from legal personality of Lublin University of Technology.

One of the most priority operations of EI is to assist young entrepreneurs by receiving money from EU funds.Beyond, EI helps to acquire clients of beneficiaries’ services. This makes first steps in business easier. Since 1st of June 2008 the director of Entrepreneur Incubator of Lublin University of Technology is PhD Eng Paweł Węgierek, research and didactic worker of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Faculty.


PhD Paweł Węgierek


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